Gillette, WY --Campbell County Library -- July 30, 2007

In the Administrative Office:

What they're excited about? One book, one community, which took place in May 2007. The book? Death Without Company, by local author, Craig Johnson, who joined the community with discussions on the book. He also wrote Cold Dish, about a revenge killing. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

To get the community started, the library passed out two hundred books to local businesses like newspapers, contractors places, a bank…. Wright, a small town in the county, was given 25 books and they purchased 25 more to give away. 80 people showed up there for the author visit.

In September they’ll be doing a statewide Wyoming one book. The title? My Antonia, by Willa Cather.

Another famous Wyoming author—C.J. Box, who’s been getting terrific national play. His character is a game warden and he writes murder mysteries with family interaction.

Their favorite books?
(left)C.S. Lewis and books about raising kids
(right) Nancy Drew when she was a kid and now, everything by Janet Evanovitch because they’re so perky.

At the circulation desk:

They have a “Favorite Authors club”. You can check off your favorite authors and when they have a new book out you are automatically added to the wait list. On the Harry Potter list, there are only 14 people left. They’d ordered 24 copies. Lean Mean 13 has 30 holds left, though they’ve had that already for a month. Do people ever ask for books based on what’s going on in their lives? Yes, about disease.

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