Helena, MT -- July 28, 2007

I spotted this reader walking down the street, not actually reading but, it appeared she was just in intermission.

She started reading the Harry Potter series two weeks ago and has already read books one through six. Not all of them are as thick as the last one, she pointed out; they get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Before she got interested in Harry Potter it was Cornelia Funke who writes fantasy books like Inkspell and Dragon Rider and Andrew Clements who writes stories about kids in schools and stuff they do, like changing the word for “pen” or going on strike by getting bad grades. What do these books teach her? Nothing! She just reads for fun.

If she were to write her own book it would be based on something that happened, like the wars they had with the kindergarteners and the primary grades (1-5) when the teachers let them out for recess at the same time. Some of the older students went to fight with the kindergarteners so it’d be fair. Her role in the wars? She was one of the wanderers. She didn’t fight. She was waiting for it to end. It was impossible, she said, to get to the battlefield and kids kept coming back muddy or soaked.

She’s participating in the Get A Clue contest at the library. You get to advance to a next level each time you read for 8 hours. There are three levels and you get a carousel token when you read for twenty-four hours. Between from January 1 until March 1 she read 4500 pages in 98 books, far surpassing the goal. Her mother stopped keeping count.

But, she's not a complete book worm. Today she went swimming and swam the entire length of the pool without stopping. The lifeguard was impressed.

She’s here visiting from Missoula, MT, two hours away from Helena.

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