Las Vegas, NV -- Harry Potter Release -- July 20, 2007

Reading Drop Dead Beautiful, by Jackie Collins.

Her favorite book of all time--A Woman of Substance, by Barbara Taylor Bradford. It's about a woman from Ireland who was put out by her family, beat all odds by herself and built a dynasty. She likes that it's about a woman beating the odds. She's read it four times, the first when it came out in 1979, when she was thirty-years-old, right after moving to California from Denver. She read the whole book in two-and-a-half days.

If she were to write her own book it would be about a woman raising her children and how the children's different roles affect their mother's life. All of her children went in different ways. One of her daughters has adopted six kids and has three biological children. Her son is in finance and her other daughter is in geriatric nursing, as a result of the care her own grandmother had received and the state of our health care system. She wants to make things better.

This daughter who is a nurse wrote a collection of poems and together, she and her mother, the reader in this photo, published it. It's called I Started to Say I Love You But Your Fists Got In the Way and other love poems. She did a number of book signings and talks at domestic violence programs and shelters.

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