Las Vegas, NV -- Harry Potter Release -- July 21, 2007

Reading Marvel: The Characters and Their Universe, by Michael Mallory.

Her favorite books--The Magic Tree house series, by Mary Pope Osborne. She likes how, in it, you can touch a picture and be there. She also likes the Magic School Bus series, where the school bus gets shrunk down and does a field trip through the human body or visits the dinosaurs or other places.

If she were to write her own book, it would be about her dogs, Quarter, who is a bad dog who likes to break stuff and sneak into the house and leave paw prints on everything, and Dingo, who is a good dog and even dances with her! She puts her hand out and he reaches out and gives her his paw.

A book that’s changed her life--The Bible. Her grandma (on the left) reads it to her. She likes the ark story.

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