Las Vegas, NV -- -- July 21, 2007

At Circus Circus hotel, waiting for the server to bring him a new cup of coffee--the old one had so much cream and sugar in it you could, and these are his words, float a horseshoe in it.

He's from Montana, just like me!

Reading Tragedy at Honda, by Charles Lockwood, which is about a fleet of destroyers which, in 1923, were on their way from San Francisco to San Diego for a celebration and were passing by Devil’s Jaws, where there are sharp jutting rocks ticking out from the shore, and the captain of the lead ship, thinking he was further down the coast than he was, turned into the rocks. They lost about sixty men. The tragedy choked him up whiel he was telling me about it—he was in the Navy between 1958 and 1968.

He’s also reading a book about the early days of Australia, during the time it was a penal colony of thieves. The author, he says, had an amazimg education, as the book was written in the style of the late 1700s, even though it’s a contemporary novel. You have to, he said, go over it a couple of times to understand when you first pick it up.

His favorite books? He usually reads Westerns, authors like Louis L’Amor, and enjoys learning about Western history.

His family has always encouraged him to write a book about his life, about his fly fishing and hunting--you wonldn’t have a deep freeze to put all the deer and antelope he’s shot, he said.

He is visiting with his wife, his daughter and his daughter’s friend who are involved in a competition by the International Poetry Society (not sure if this name is correct). Last night they got a trophy and a medallion and tonight there is an awards ceremony. They have a chance in winning a $10,000 or a $5000 cash award.

They refinanced their home and as result had the extra money to come. Go Citibank! (You can see their logo on his hat if you squint.)

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