Las Vegas, NV -- July 21, 2007

Reading Devil in the Kitchen, by Marco Pierre White. Her son, who is in cooking school, recommended it. She hadn’t read in years.

When she was younger she used to like The Dragonlands books by (?). Now she likes books about real people. You go through phases, she said, about your reading.

Her son’s great Grandfather was president Eisenhower’s chef, though he didn’t go to the White House with him--he was more interested in opening a steakhouse.

Her own book would be about the Norse and Greek Gods—there’s some reality in everything, she said.

This is her second read through the book and she's looking forward to getting the author's other book--White Heat. Right now, she’s waiting for her son to arrive!

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colleen said...

I love Marco Pierre White! And I can't believe you were booted from Temple Square by LDS. What drama.