Nampa, ID -- July 23, 2007

Reading The Bible and studying the Godhead.

He could care less about Harry Potter. It’s okay for kids because it’s fiction, but he rethought, kids take fiction to heart and it gives the false idea of, well, it represents Satan’s teachings, not directly, but leads one to believe a lot of hogwash that kids act on in one way or another.

When he was in High School he used to read science fiction. He was a real fan of Jules Verne, Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clark. It was his passion.

What would his own book be about? His own life and how he used to have no interest in God but how now... he would tell about the time when he woke up and realized the truth.

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KennethSF said...

If I were standing before this gentleman, I'll have to respectfully point out to him that the teachings at Hogwarts are not exactly hogwash--Harry and his band learn loyalty, friendship, self reliance, self sacrifice, and many other principles we should all aspire to.