Nampa, ID -- July 23, 2007

In front of the Nampa Public Library.

Reading Eyes of Eagles, by William W. Johnstone, which he’s read eight times. It takes place ten years before the Civil War and he likes learning and relearning the history.

His sister in the backseat is reading Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry. She loves the Hardy Boys, but dislikes Nancy Drew. She would love to be a detective.

His brother named Where’s Waldo as a favorite and I thought of that all day as I walked around town, searching for readers, poking my head into Chinese restaurants, cafes, doctor’s offices and swimming pools (not into the actual water).

His mother read to them when they were young and took them to story time at the library. You have to start young, she said. She’s not a fan of Harry Potter. In fact, as her children recalled, she’s even thrown the book into the fireplace. They are Christians and reading Harry Potter goes against their beliefs. Her favorite book is The Bible.


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