Nampa, ID -- July 23, 2007

At the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho.

When I asked to see the library I was greeted by looks of surprise. What? they asked, Why? But you’re thin! I insisted anyway and, when I got there the door was locked and there was a sign reading, Weight Watchers. Ah ha! Unfortunately, the library is now just a meeting room. There weren’t enough volunteers to take care of the books so they were boxed up. The books included Spanish titles and Spanish and South American authors, as well as Danielle Steele and children’s books like Bob the Builder.

The last book she read was Two Little Girls in Blue, by Mary Higgins Clark.

Her favorite book as a child was Farmer’s of the Midwest. It was written in 1901. She got an A on her book report about it.

If she were to write her own book, it’d be a memoir about her life. She used to live in Helena, Montana where I grew up!

(this picture, I have to admit, was faked. She wasn't reading when I arrived, but ran to get her book and then sat down and posed for me.)

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