San Diego, CA -- Imperial Beach -- July 18, 2007

Reading A Cat in the Manger, by Lydia Adamson. She bought it at the Goodwill store for a good price.

Her favorite book? She reads every single night and so has problems differentiating them from each other, let alone picking a favorite. She likes detective stories.

Her favorite book--something she read years ago called The Book of Tish, by May Roberts RyanHart, which is about two old ladies who go to the Grand Canyon and one of them loses her teeth while looking over a railing. (I hadn't told her I was going there, but made a mental note to suck my teeth inward when I went.)

She worked on an Indian Reservation as a Home Economics teacher and once wrote an easy things cookbook for her family. One of the dishes--put macaroni, vegetables, and ground beef or chicken, though, she lemented, that people like meatless dishes these days.

She also wrote a story about whiperwhils while she was at a writing workshop, which she calls flying bug traps, for their ability to funnel bugs into their beak with their long whiskers. She has a memoir planned in which she'll include this story. She's ninety-one and here at the beach celebrating her granddaughter's sixteenth birthday. They're from Yuma.

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