San Diego, CA -- Imperial Beach Public Library-- July 18, 2007

Check out the librarian's blog at to see her recommended books.

On the left: Reading The Truth About Forever, by Sarah Dessen. Her favorite book right now is Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, a love story between a vampire and human (see family reunion post). She's read it at least three times.

On the right: Copper Sun, by Sharon Draper. Her favorite book right now, I am the Messenger, by Marcus Susack.

Why do they like to read? They both agreed because of its ability to get you into another world, to lose yourself.

Other books they like--The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis and It Happened to Nancy, by anonymous, which often leads the girl on the right to walking down the street reading--she can't put the series down.

What would their novels be about? The girl on the right didn't know but she did know what her friend's would be about. Come on, you know, she insisted, remember the essay you wrote? So her friend explained: her novel would be about a Weeping Willow tree with long drapey branches that you could sit under and hide away and the tree would protect.

She has a really impressive imagination, her friend told me.

Talking with these girls made me wish I had my own friends around me. They built each other up and helped each other think of answers.

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