San Diego, CA -- Pacific Beach -- July 17, 2007

Reading Kaffir Boy: An Autobiography--The True Story of a Black Youth's Coming of Age in Apartheid South Africa by Mark Mathabane, who recently gave a presentation a workshop she attended. She works with at risk kids.

In her free time she doesn't read teaching books, and instead prefers authors like Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, who wrote The Dirty Girls Social Club series. There's only three of them, she said and wished that she would write more!

Her favorite book of all time is The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas. She's read it over and over again--she likes the intrigue, the romance and the story of human perseverance.

If she were to write a book it would be a collection of stories about her students.

She's here on vacation from Phoenix with her brother who was out surfing but is the middle of reading War and Peace.

A book that's changed her life--Radical Journeys for the Inward Bound, by Andrew Weil and Tolly Berkin, who has a fire walking institute north of Santa Monica. She hasn't tried it yet, but would like to. The book talks about how to use the earth and the land to connect to the universe; for example, doing extreme sports like fire walking or rock climbing without ropes. These are things, she said, that would appeal to her students...and her brother. They are extreme.

She likes to clip out the little book blurb on the back page of the Time magazine and hang them around her house. She's excited about a book they featured by an Afghani female author.

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