San Francisco, CA to Los Angeles, CA -- Greyhound Station -- July 15/16, 2007

My Seat Partner

In Oakland I was joined super fabulous seat partner. I hope I always get this lucky. In the eight hour ride to Los Angeles, I slept for nearly have of it. He sang himself--and consequently, me too--to sleep with songs by the Brazilian band Djivan (I think that's what he said. When I google it it comes up as an Armenian musician but I'd thought he'd said Brazilian.)

His favorite author of all time--Paulo Coelho. Coelho, he said, with the knowledge of someone whose first language is Portuguese, means Rabbit. He also said that, though Coelho is a best selling author, he read an article somewhere that says that a lot of people don't finish his books. They just sit on the shelf.

Another favorite Brazilian author--Jorge Amado, who he described as writing soap opera-like stories about the history of Brazil.

He is also reading The Power of Now, which he's discussed with his nine-year-old daughter, who has no problem with living in the now. Children, he said, don't have to worry about paying the bills.

Heading into L.A.

Early in the morning, heading into Los Angeles, sharing the road with mostly just the truckers.


colleen said...

I love Coelho too! I am rooting for you back at the homestead and can Fedex biscuits anytime you need them.

Anhoni Patel said...

The photo of the truck is amazing!