Buffalo, NY -- August 12, 2007

Reading In His Dreams, by Gail Gaymer Martin. Her favorite book of all time--A Woman of Substance, by Barbara Taylor Bradford, for the way she makes a woman feel important. It's about a woman and her life. She was knocked down to nothing, finds family to be of importance and then helps her family to realize that they can do anything they want to--you can get there.

Her own book? This question got a chuckle. She'd write about her life, though it'd be solely for herself--she wouldn't share it.

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Gail Gaymer Martin said...

Sonya - Thanks so much for mentioning my novel IN HIS DREAMS. I hope you enjoyed it. The next in that series (Michigan Islands) will be released in January 2008 and the one that came before set on Mackinac Island -- WITH CHRISTMAS IN HIS HEART -- just won the National Reader Choice Award.

It's always nice to have someone promote your books.

Gail Gaymer Martin