Buffalo, NY -- August 12, 2007

Reading the Holy Bible. It's the only book he reads. In school, he would read what he was told to, and then later he would buy the magazines with the pictures for men, but now he knows that's a sin. Jesus says if you look at a woman and lust, you've committed adultery and that's pretty harry.

His own book? It'd be about his life, how he went through and found out he was a sinner and then started a new chapter, learning that Jesus forgets sins as far as east is from west. He'd write about the struggle, about how he always feels like he's throwing a tantrum, and about how if you do the do's in the Bible, you don't have to worry about the don'ts. He said his friends ask him where he got that from--he made it up himself.

Something else he made up himself, at the moment we were talking--

He works in concrete (his father owned a company and he returned home to Buffalo to help out) and showed me, on the pavement in front of us, four squares, bisected by two lines. On one side, he said, is God, and on the other side, is us, and what brings us together, he said, getting off the bench and tracing the grooves between the squares, is the cross. Jesus. It's Jesus that brings us together.

Buffalo, he said, gets a lot of bad news about people leaving, and no work and the snow, but, Buffalo is a city of good neighbors. When there's a telethon, Buffalo always comes up with money. And, there's a cancer hospital just around the corner. When a cop got shot and was paralyzed, Buffalo raised money with benefits.

Two presidents, he said, came from Buffalo--Millard Fillmore and Cleveland. And, Buffalo will win in sports--they have gone to the Super Bowl four times and lost, and then they lost the Stanley cup, but they could have won....

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