Chicago, IL -- August 8, 2007

Reading Harry Potter, Book 4. He's also in the middle of a book called 1421—the Year China Discovered America, by Gavin Menzies.

His favorite book--Tortilla Curtain, by T.C. Boyle, about Mexican crossing the border illegally, fiction based on the truth. He’s studied Latin American History and spent time in Latin America. While he was in Latin America he read a story about Cambodia and the chaotic life and traps of prostitution and drugs that expats would fall into, researched in the 1980s. His life was nothing like that, though.

Now--he has been teaching English in China and is just back in the states for a vacation.
Before he returns he'll be picking up books about the Cultural Revolution, because what they're teaching in schools conflicts with what we know from books here. On the list--Red Dust, by Ma Jian and Wild Swans, by Jung Chang.

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