Chicago, IL -- Starbucks -- August 8, 2007

Reading The Bourne Ultimatum , by Robert Ludlum. It’s the third book of the series. He’s read them all twice and it's exciting even the second time. He likes them for their descriptions of technology, people, techniques of espionage. He also likes Ian Fleming’s James Bond series. Recently he read a book about the plague in England.

If he were to write his own book it would be nonfiction. Though, he’s writing a few short stories that he started when he was out of work, was a house husband and was taking a writing course. When he retires, he’ll work on them again.

He reads for escape and reads at the coffee shop for about an hour every day and also during his commute back and for the to work.

What’s great about Chicago? It’s just fantastic. You can go anywhere, do lots of things without spending any money. Also, he loves the gardens—he gardens himself. When he's not reading.

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