Cincinnati, OH -- August 13, 2007

Reading Been There, Done That, by Carol Snow.

A good book she read recently--The History of Celibacy, by Elizabeth Abbott, about how monks were screwed in their heads. The book tells about one monk who had entered a monastery after the woman he loved married another man and, when she died, he climbed into her grave, rubbed his robe in her juices and wore the robe for the rest of his life.

Also recently--a Chinese Fable Book from the 1970s, and the Iliad, which she read in 2 days.

Her favorite book of all time—a fairytale book that was passed down from her grandmother, to her aunt and now to her. She just got it rebound. There’s no actual title and it’s not Grimms Brothers. There’s a story she likes about a woman who, despite the ugly donkey skin she was wearing, attracts the attention of a prince. They live happily ever after.

If she were to write her own book, it’d be a zombie survival guide. Her advice? Heavy amo and lots of it.

A book that’s taught her something? A cookbook called All Things Vegetarian. She learned how to make a quiche.

Have books ever helped her become closer to another person? Yes! She met her best friend, who had just moved from California, who was reading Anne Rice. She saw her reading the book and, because she likes them too, they became instant friends.

What’s great about Cincinnati—the North Side neighborhood, with artists galleries and a literary scene….I tried to go there, but I had the same problem as I had in Chicago, my small city San Francisco mentality got me in trouble—I was on the bus, saw a neighborhood that looked like where I might be going and got off the bus way too early. It's hard to always be in the mood to ask for directions.

But, the neighborhood I ended up in wasn’t so bad, and when it got to be 1am, when I needed to return to the Greyhound station, it was better that I was closer to the terminal if only for the cheaper taxi fare. The city buses had stopped running.

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