Denver, CO -- July 31, 2007

He hadn’t read a book until he was thirty-years-old when he was working at St. Anthony’s hog farm in Petaluma and the nights were so boring he picked up a book by John Jakes. In three months he’d read the whole library, which, he said, wasn’t that big, but still… He’d read a four or five-hundred page book in three days.

He went to Bible college for two or three months. He has a brother in law in Florida who reads the bible while he drives and, when he was visiting, he said, give me that and read to him instead.

I hadn’t even mentioned the other Denver reader’s love of The Stand, but he said his was, too. The unabridged version as well. He likes books by Robert Jordan and Louis L’Amour.
He read The Green Mile, by Stephen King recently and gave it to a hospital.

He recommends the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, which is about the end of days. Woah man, he said with force, it actually shows what’s going to happen.

This book by J.D. Hardin—there's been a gun fight and it's just starting to get interesting. He’s on chapter 3. It’s adult rated, but he hasn’t gotten to any good parts yet. Not much blood either so far. Only two people have been shot.

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