Denver, CO -- July 31, 2007

Reading Alas, Babylon, by Pat Frank, a book he hadn’t intended on getting. He’d ordered it from a bookstore and the wrong book came in. It’s about nuclear war and he read it many years ago. What he’d wanted was a book of the same title about a disease wiping out most of the world. It has the same title, but now he can’t remember the author.

He gets his books from Capital Hill Books, a used bookstore. Also in his bag: Companions of the Night, by Vivian Vande Velde and You Bet Your Planet, by Martin Greenberg, about futuristic game shows, and Tracker, a sci fi novel by Ron Stillman.

He reads for a distraction, to give his mind a vacation, to get his mind off of work. He works as a cook (and doesn’t own a computer or have an email address!!)

His favorite book of all time--The Lions of Al-Rassan,by Guy Gavriel Kaywhich, which is a love story (though he usually doesn’t like love stories), similar to middle ages in Spain and is about war, slavery, and a love triangle. He’s read it three times, the first time seven or eight years ago. He borrowed it from a friend he was living with and, when his friend got married and kicked him out he had to buy his own copy. He likes the strength of the characters and tough choices they make that are for life or death. It makes his own choices seem small.

His own book? It’d be a cook book, because he’s a chef. Or, no. A fantasy book, sort of like the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, with conflicts between good and evil or the transition from Boy to Man. He likes these sort of books.

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