Fargo, ND -- August 4, 2007

At the library:
Spoke with a reference librarian who attends library school at St. Kate’s in Minneapolis--long commute!

What’s great about their library—the children’s summer reading program that is just wrapping up. They get stickers for the minutes they read and there are weekly entertainers and story times in parks. For teens they have drawings for prizes. Participants who complete the programs get their pictures in the newspaper.

Something interesting about her job—readers advisory,;that is, when people tell you I like such and such and ask for advice on what else to read. She uses a database called Novelist. What’s popular here? Manga comics for teens and Grisham for adults, as well as Lorraine Snelling and Janette Oke who write life on the prairie books with religious and spiritual themes, and Linda Scottoline who writes thrillers.

She finds Novelist helpful because her background is in the classics and it’s not always the classics that people want to read. Right now she’s reading Love in the Time of Cholera, which she’s just discovered is going to be a movie—that always happens to her, she said. And, she’s just finished Razor’s Edge, by William Somerset Maugham, which she fell in love with. Favorites--Frannie and Zoe, which she’s read several times since high school and other Salinger books. She likes the characters, even though they’re not the most likeable, she sees something in them.

What’s great about Fargo? Overall it’s a nice place to live. People are pretty friendly and it’s easy to get to know people--more open than a larger city.

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