Kansas City, MO -- August 1, 2007

Reading Girls in the Game, by Nikki Turner. She told me the entire plot line so far, (about 35 pages), while a guy was trying to get her cell number, and I got totally lost. Here's what I got-- it’s a story of a girl named __- and a dude named Little Man, a hustler from West Virginia and they’re going to have a baby.

She likes reading black authors and Tom Clancy. Her favorite book is called G-Spot by Noria ___. She also likes Candy Nigger and Bublicious and Throngs of Fire by the same author. I'm having problems finding the author online--if you anyone knows, please clue me in so I can fill in the blanks. I found a Noria Jablonski, but I don't think that's right.

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