Madison, WI --Bus Terminal -- August 9, 2007, after sprinting to the bus station, I actually had enough time not only to swab the sweat from my forehead, retrieve my bag from the storage locker, but also to interview this woman who was on her way home after a long trip and couldn't say enough about bottled water--she'd been dehydrated on the bus for over five hours and had finally bought a bottle! After my tour of Madison, I could relate.

Reading Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse, by Lee Goldberg. Normally she reads mysteries. Has been traveling around the country, first to Yellowstone to visit one son. Now the other son wants her to go to Tennessee with him. She’s not dealing so well with hot weather and would prefer to go to the North Pole!

Her favorite book of all time--My Friend Flicka, by Mary O’Hare, about horses and Wyoming. The author moved there with her second husband, who had 20,000 acres. She was supposed to be a concert pianist--her life went astray but it was a good life. She died when she was 91—had a heckuva good life in Wyoming. Someone wrote a history on her, which she started reading, but the print was so fine she gave up half way through. Flicka was the name of a horse and means little girl in Swedish. What made the book so good? The setting. There were also two more books in the series—Thudnerhead and Green Grass. They were written at an eighth- or ninth-grade level and she read them when she was about that old. Read it about ten times. Wished she still had them, but you can’t get them anymore.

What mystery writers does she like? There's a new one she likes—Thomas Jefferson Parker, which she found because he was next to Robert Parker, who did the Spencer series.

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