Minneapolis, MN -- August 6, 2007

On Lake Street, reading Santa's Special Delivery, by Val Daniels. She reads mostly recycled romance, that she gets from a friend and then she gives them to her church for a rummage sale. A book, she said, is to valuable to throw away.

Before this she read a trio of books called Montana Mavericks. Her favorite authors--Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb (who is the same person), but writes, under this name, futuristic mystery romances.

What she learns from the romances? Relationships and how to think about people's strengths. She likes them because, even if she gets interrupted, she can always just pick right up again--good for reading in the grocery line instead of reading the silly magazines on the racks.

If she were to write her own book it'd be fiction, about children. After lunch she's going to take care of her neighbors who are four and two. They like reading books about Franklin the Turtle and Caillou, a little boy, like the little four-year-old boy she cares for. "It's me," he says.

She constantly gives the kids books for presents.

She gave the boy once a book called The Day I had to Play with my Sister...she thinks she liked it more than he did!

Watching children and reading their books, she said, helps you see the world again.

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