Omaha, NE -- August 2, 2007

Reading Star Wars, Dark Saber, by Kevin J. Anderson. Recntly he read the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. What’s his favorite book? Good lord. What haven’t I read, he said.

He reads at an average speed of 100 pages an hour and has been reading since the age of four. One summer when he was bored he read a set of twelve encyclopedias.

His favorite book of all time--I, Jedi, by Michael A. Stackpole . The character is one that is rather dynamic and adds a different light to the Jedi thing, struggling with the different identities of cop, pilot and jedi and what means most to him. He’s read it six times.

He’s also a fan of Tom Clancy.

He writes fan fiction, that is, fiction in response to other work, which he can’t publish because of copyright. For instance, he wrote a sequel to Final Fantasy Ten. He would like to, at some point, work for a video game company as a writer. He is studying Japanese, as some of the largest gaming companies are in Japan. For right now? He drives a school bus, which he says, is great. It gives him time to read in the waiting periods.

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