Omaha, NE --Jackson Street Books -- August 2, 2007

Manning the desk at Jackson Street books, though she wished the owners could have been there--they're from San Francisco! The store’s patrons, she said, feel as though it’s the best bookstore in the Midwest....and I just happened to stumble upon it. Would you believe that, just before I came in she sold a book by Faulkner for $2,000. (that's not why she's laughing though....)

Recently she read Blindness, by Jose Scaramago. It’s about blindness becoming contagious and everyone, except for one woman, becomes blind. People become like animals. The book was made into a play, she said, but thought it’d be better as a horror movie.

Right now she’s reading Seven Mysteries of Life, by Guy Murchie , which she likes because you can just open it up and read it, it doesn’t have to be read sequentially. It’s about the interconnectedness of life.

Her favorite books are art books. She’s a painter and works with acrylic and oil and goes to art school in town.

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