Out in the not-so-far-from-Chicago suburbs, IL -- August 8, 2007

Wonderful friends who took care of me. I love this picture! In the next cities and towns I visit I may have to start knocking on doors around bedtime to try to recreate this in every state I pass through.

Staged? Sort of. I did not sneak into their bedroom...they let me know when it was time. I suppose the other way around would be bad guest ettiquite.

Reading Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior, by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson, and a book by Stephen king and Peter Straub whose title I can't see now that I'm looking at the picture.

Kelly’s favorite book—everything by Atwood, probably Handmaid’s Tale would be the favorite. She’s read it several times and enjoys the language, as well as the ending....which she refused to give away.

Mike's favorites—The LOR trilogy. He likes the beginning where they talk about the Hobbits, that they’re not just creature that live in holes in the ground--they’re nice holes and they have nice things in them.


Special K said...

Ah! There we are in our natural habitat! M.'s book is called "Black House."

Liz Worthy said...

What? Where are you Sonya? Don't tell me they made you sleep on the couch!