Sioux Falls, SD -- Barnes and Nobles -- August 3, 2007

Reading Bone, Out From Boneville, by Jeff Smith. It’s the first one in the series. Before it he read the third and the second. He likes the adventure, the always wandering around rat creatures attacking the bone creatures while a dragon protects. What the books have taught him? Never do crazy schemes—there was a mayor who did and got chased out of town.

He also likes the Lemony Snicket series and My Life As… series (not sure of the author) , the Hardy Boys and the Warriors, a series about cats by Erin Hunter.

Does he like Harry Potter? No. He doesn’t like stories about witchcraft.

If he were to write his own book it’d be realistic fiction. It’d be about a boy having a cool adventure, traveling with tons of stuff happening to him. It’d begin in Mongolia, then he’d go somewhere with tropical rain forests, find creatures, maybe poisonous snakes and jaguars and he’d build a dugout canoe and go down river where there’d be piranhas.

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KennethSF said...

I must applaud this young man's taste in reading materials--especially since I share his. I happen to own a copy of Out from Boneville. It occupies a respected space on my shelf, between Canterbury Tales and Mansfield Park (obviously, I don't alphabetize).