Sioux Falls, SD --Downtown Public Library -- August 3, 2007

They have recently received funding to start renovations on their library in the spring. The city passed a Quality of Life bond for a ball field and a swimming pool, as well as for library improvements. People love their library!

There had been discussion about moving the library to a new location, but, because of the community they serve—business, government and neighborhood--they want to keep their library in the downtown .

The downtown has been going through a renaissance. It used to be a hangout for teenagers, driving “the loop,” but since they’ve had a new mayor, seven years ago, the loop has been shut down, restaurants have put tables out on the sidewalk, hung the trees with lights, and people come to hang out. They have events like Hot Harley Nights with the Make a Wish Foundation or Hot Summer Harley, but with corvettes instead of motorcycles. On Friday’s they have carriage rides. The mayor, who is now in his second term, has also revitalized the falls area, which the town is famous for. Paths have been paved, lighted and there are now even laser light shows at night with history talks.

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