Jackson, MS -- August 16, 2007

Reading Christian Baptism, by John Murray. It’s for a class in systematic theology. (I had to look up systematic theology on Wikipedia.) He’s studying to be a marriage and family therapist. What he’s learned so far—baptism doesn’t necessarily mean immersion; it means different things in different parts of the Bible.

Recently he read Heaven is Not My Home: Learning to Live in God's Creation, by Paul Marshall, which is the basic Christian view of the world, how Christians should be good stewards to the environment and how to interact with the world, that is not being above the world, but not being of it either.

His favorite book of all time--Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality, by Donald Miller, for the realness. It’s a semi-biography of life stories. His favorite part was about how this guy, who is poor, and lives in a trashy house, has a jar on his desk where he saves all his money...but he's saving it not for himself. He's saving it for the church.

If he were to write his own book, and he has considered this, it’d be about his experiences in college, for instance, his experience seeing death for the first time while acting as a volunteer fireman. You see death and the body, he said, and you realize the reality, of what death is, that it was just life, and that it’s nothing to fear and at any moment, you could die also.

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