Nashville, TN -- August 14, 2007

Reading The Places In Between, by Rory Stewart. When he was at Borders a year ago, a bookseller recommended it, along with Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson, while he was in search of The Motorcycle Diaries, by Ernesto Guevera.

His favorite book of all time is On the Road, by Kerouac, which he’s read several times. There’s a scene that’s very vivid for him--when he’s hitching and catches a ride with farm boys in Wyoming on a flatbed truck and there are six or seven hikers on the back of the truck and they drive a hundred plus miles down the highway, almost falling off, driving through the night.

Reading the book, he says, makes you realize life is not as confined as you think it is, to go wherever the world takes you. It’s okay not to have a plan in a culture where plans are the mainstay.

Does he have a plan? No. He’s always taking a trip—Egypt, Morocco; when he finishes this book, he says he’ll probably want to walk across Afghanistan, like the author did.

He likes Fido’s because it’s organic, not corporate.

His own book—it’d be nonfiction, entitled My List, about his adventures completing his “everything to do before I die” list, which he keeps in order to ensure that life is always an adventure. Write a book is on the list.

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