New Orleans, LA -- August 17, 2007

Somehow I managed to delete the photograph of the book cover and I don't remember what the title was--it was about South American art. This summer he was in Bolivia and went to several art museums. He found this in a bookstore and returns to the museums in his imagination. The authors were architects and renovated the building that is now the National Art Museum in La Paz, Bolivia.

My question, favorite book of all time? elicited the common response of--Oh my God. No. I really don’t have one.

Right now he is enjoying reading a book by Ian Rankin called Bleeding Hearts, a mystery thriller, light reading but good.

His own book? Another common response--Oh Gee! After some thought--a mystery novel or an international spy thriller set in Latin America. He has spent a lot of time in Latin America—Mexico, Bolivia, mostly the west coast.

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