New Orleans, LA -- August 17, 2007

Reading Pip and Flix, Trouble Magnet, by Alan Dean Foster. His favorite books of all time are Star Wars, for the ideas of aliens and galactic empires.

Recently he read other Pip and Flix books, the last ten Star Wars and a couple Stephen Kings including Cell, which is about technology and terrorism. He is an avid reader.

If he were to write his own book? He said that would be a hard one, because of the problems he's been having since the hurricane. He evacuated across the river to a friend’s house. He lost everything. He volunteered with the Red Cross for three months, but is now having a difficult time. The city doesn't hold a lot for him now that he's stopped drinking, and a lot of his friends are gone.

In 1979 he came for Mardi Gras and he had so much fun. When he was new in town he read the Confederacy of Dunces, which is set in the French Quarter in the 1960s and relates adventures with characters in the French Quarter.

Though in the beginning he couldn't pull himself away from New Orleans, in the last fifteen years, he's been mugged four times (once for an expensive road bike) and had to have reconstructive surgery on his face because of it....and then, like others, lost everything in the hurricane.

Something good in his life right now--books.

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