Atlantic City, NJ -- August 26, 2007

Reading Hindu spiritual books.

She gave me the following layout for life:
From age 1 – 25 you study and help your parents. It’s your childhood.

From age 25 -50 you study, you marry, you have kids, have love, sex, help the church

From age 50 -75 you create self, mediate, protect your children; you marry your son or daughter so they don’t go outside marriage for sex. If you have knowledge, you help others. If you have money you help others.

From age 75 – 100 you mediate to recreate self, you don’t do different things with your hair and clothing, you think about the goddesses in heaven.

And, if the big picture is too big for now,
From 3am – 7am, you ask God for help and guidance, you mediate

From 7am – 7pm you work for somebody, you eat, you cook, you have an education

After 7 or 8pm you go home and do family duty

Until 10 you watch TV, listen to music

From 10 – 3am you sleep, do sex

From 3 – 7 you clean yourself, you mediate, if it’s snowy you sit inside, but it doesn’t always have to be sitting. It can be news, reading, walking, writing for societal good, watering, growing plants

The simple life is always happy. If you have ten dollars you buy rice and beans for everyone, not something else for yourself. That is the Indian religion.

She prays every morning. Ganesh likes sweets and donuts or brown sugar, candles. She mixes flour with brown sugar and ghee, a butter oil to make a donut with water or milk, too and puts in spices and asks for good luck.

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