Baltimore, MD -- August 24, 2007

Reading Lean Mean Thirteen, by Janet Evanovitch during her break at the ballpark. She will have been working at the Orioles stadium for ten years coming up in September! (or was it June?)

Authors she recommends—Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, Barbara Delinksy, James Patterson. She’s a night owl and stays up late reading and also reads during dinner, lunch, in the bathtub.

Her own book? She’s never thought about it.

She trades author names and books with coworkers, her sister, mother-in-law, friends.

What’s great about Baltimore: everything—the weather, the people, the seafood—no one knows how to cook seafood like Marylanders--great ballpark...even if they don't have such a great team.

The first night she worked at the stadium she was selling clothing. She told a guy in a Yankees t-shirt, much to her boss's embarrassment, that he needed to buy a nice looking shirt, that his shirt was ugly. Though her boss was horrified, the Yankee fan bought a $500 leeather jacket from her. She kept her job, but later moved to a different concession booth so she could be in the open air.

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