Boston, MA -- August 28, 2007

Reading The Trinity--I didn't catch the author's name. This was an interview that started but never finished. I'd just gotten off the bus in Boston when I came around the corner and found this reader. I asked him if it was okay to take his picture and he said it was fine. Then, right after I took the photograph he started gesturing for me to go away. I was trying to figure out what was going on--had I offended him?--when the floor buffer/soaker barked at me. I was so confused. It occurred to me that, as it was after one in the morning, maybe I should just find someplace to stay for the night. I did my best not to trip on the buffer's cord and backed off. I think I need to go home, I told the reader.

Every time I arrived somewhere I'd take my picture...sort of a study, like-- this is your body, this is your body on Greyhound. This was me arriving in Boston.

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