Boston, MA -- August 28, 2007

She keeps a list of the James Patterson books that she’s read so she doesn’t get mixed up and get the same book twice. She’s read about twenty of his. She likes them because they're easy reading and the chapters are short. She hates twenty-page chapters. His are more her speed.

She reads so much of James Patterson, but she never gets sick of him. He has a nice variety.

Her favorite book of all time--Sam’s Letters to Jennifer, by James Patterson, which is both beautiful and sad. She loves the husband character….it’s a touching book. It makes you want to say I love you to someone every day. …she hates it when she’s reading and she starts crying and hopes that no one is looking.

Her book—a love story, fiction, set in Boston.

What she likes about Boston-- the T—it's easy to get around—you don’t need a car...especially with gas prices. You can get on the T and go anywhere, and be in a new world.

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