Charleston, SC -- August 20, 2007

Reading How to Abduct a Highland Lord, by Karen Hawkins. Her favorite authors—John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon and Diana Gabaldon, especially Diana Gabaldon.

Books that have helped her become closer to others—some of Joyce Meyer’s books. She tends to give to friends and they pass it on to other friends.

She reads so many books—at home, at lunch, she has four books in her car, all different types, one always in her bag. She loves to read, more than TV or anything else.

She likes local author, Dorothy Frank, who is originally from New York but has a home here, and has written Sullivan Island.

What’s great about Charleston—it’s a belly of peoples, cultures, the old and the new, a very beautiful, friendly place to live.

Her own book—it’d probably be non-fiction, about enjoying the moments we have as they come. Everyone, she says, is so worried about getting somewhere, overlooking the moment.

She’s right now waiting for Gabaldon’s seventh book to come out. In the first book a woman goes 200 years back in time and gets caught up in a war. Gabaldon is big on time travel, which, she says is appealing to all people and Gabaldon also attracts many men in her readership because they like to read about the history.

Reading Gabladon has spoiled her for other authors. She likes how she doesn’t do a sex scene conventionally, she gives emotional content, she’s very unorthodox. In one of Gabaldon's interviews she said that people had told her that she wasn't allowed to write that way and she said whatever.

She likes to mix into her reading what she calls foo foo in with her other reading--sometimes you need something less or more taxing on the emotions and the mind. It’s for this reason that she reads at least four books at once.

She came across Gabaldon when she received a box of books and it was the longest book in the box. She didn’t want to pick it up because she didn’t want to get that involved, but she did…and now she’s hooked. It was the third book and then she went back and read the first and second.

She likes reading Gabaldon’s blog. Readers write in about their experiences in reading her books and hope for the little spoiler for the next book that Gabaldon might post. About 4,000 people visit her site per day.

Her books are witty, with unexpected twists, and she deals with emotions with finesse and diginity.

Writers say that her books have changed their lifestyles, their feelings toward their spouses, one elderly reader who is in poor health is refusing to die until she finishes Gabaldon’s last book!

She never reads or writes into blogs but this one she does.

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