Charleston, WV --At the Bus Terminal--August 22, 2007

Reading Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice, by Rudolf Rocker. Anarcho-Syndicalism is a branch of anarchism that focuses on the labor movement. Rudolf Rocker was such a hardcore anarchist that, when asked, upon immigrating to New York from London, to formalize his relationship and marry his companion, a fellow anarchist, Milly Wiktop, they refused, saying, that their relationship was between the two of them and had nothing to do with the state, and as a result the two were deported back to London.

His favorite books--The Rebel, by Albert Camus, anything by Hunter S. Thompson, and fanzines in general—it’s cool, he said, to see what normal kids are doing everywhere.

His own book would be about labor movements, unionizing, syndicalism, worker run factories.

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