Greensboro, NC -- August 21, 2007

Reading an English Grammar book. She moved to Greensboro from Japan. In Japan she was a storyteller and had the opportunity, with the English coaching of a neighbor, to participate in the Greensboro Storytelling Festival. Her favorite story is called The Runaway Rice Bowl. In the story an elderly man and woman live in the woods. The woman packs the old man a lunch of a bowl of rice and, when he is off eating the rice in the mountains alone, he drops the bowl and it rolls down the hill and into a hole. He chases the bowl and when he comes to a hole, he crouches down and he hears singing! Inside, there are mice and the mice trade him a bowl of sweetened rice for the rice he had had and he likes that. After they visit, they mice give him the option of two presents, a big one and a small one. The man chooses the small one and heads home and unwraps it. Inside there is gold. His greedy neighbors find out about this and go off to see how they can get gold, too.

Also, she told me a story about little boy who steals a magic cloak.

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