Greensboro, NC -- August 21, 2007

He just moved here with his friend. He likes it because it’s close to the mountains and close to the beach and everyone is just really friendly. Southern thinking has kept him in the south.

In Chattanooga, where he went to college, he got into Appalachian folk music and then Woody Guthrie, who was influenced by Appalachian folk music.

His buddy’s great uncle was a member of the Binkley Brothers, one of the first groups to record in Nashville.

He plays the guitar, has friends that play the fiddle, the banjo--everything. They play informally, to, in part, just keep the tradition of the region and culture alive.

Favorite book? He’s a big fan of Led Belly’s biography. The Life and Legend of Leadbelly, by Charles Wolfe and Kip Lornell.

Recently he read a collection of early Gothic novels.

His own novel—He recons it’d be about the South. He despised it a little, for a while, seeing all the things people see as backwards. But then he went to Europe for a while and realized the South is it’s own special place and it drew him back in, at least for a little while. There is no pretension. It's honest society, there's a folks is folks mentality, even though there’s divisions of economics and class differences, still there's a general connection between everyone. It’s easy to sit back and put yourself in other people’s shoes. People are proud of who they are, where they come from. He went on to say that’s maybe why he’s drawn to folk music--to feel a sense of belonging.

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