New York City, NY -- August 31, 2007

Reading The Long Valley, by John Steinbeck. Recently he read Cup of Gold, by Steinbeck and A Movable Feast, by Hemingway. He tries to read the best writing.

His favorite book--The Last Temptation of Christ, for how beautifully it’s written. Real poetic.

If he were to write a book he would write stories with a hopeful message at the end. He doesn’t like negative endings.

A book that has helped him relate better to people? Atlas Shrugged. When he runs into people who have read it he has a lot of respect for them.

What he likes about NYC? The train. You get more chances to read because of the train, and you can go to parks, lots of other places, and you're not isolated because your driving around in a car.

Steinbeck is from his hometown, Salinas.

People, he told me, when I suggested that people read what they have connections to, people read for imaginations.

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