New York City, NY -- August 31, 2007

Holding Voyagers of the Silver Sand and Sorcerer, by Tony Abbot. The one on the right is more of a special edition and that’s why she chose it, of the two books, to read first. It’s in the words of another character and this is the first time, in all the other books in the series, that she's seen his perspective.

Favorites--the Mistmantle series by M.I. Mcallister, illustrated by Omar Rayyan. Also, Harry Potter and the Lightning Thief series, by Rick Riordan, about the gods of Olympus who have demi-god children who become heroes.

What’s great about New York City—different people, different cultures. It’s interesting. And, she’s in a book club.

She likes books with action and animals, and doesn’t like books that are sad. She goes out of her way to find books that aren't sad.

What would her book be about? She’s written lots of books, about stuffed animals coming alive looking for people who are believers to take care of them. She also wrote a book called No No the Cat.

She writes on loose paper and then binds her books with staples and illustrates them.

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