Pittsburgh, PA -- bus terminal -- September 1, 2007

At three-thirty in the morning, reading Sex, Drugs, Money and Consequence, by Rich Gilmore--she’s going to get it on DVD.

Her favorite book--True to the Game, by Terry Woods. About sex, money, the street life and and drugs and ending up in the graveyard. About a woman who was lavished upon by her man and then, when he died in her arms, everything, the furs, the house, went to his mama and his mama kicked her out. It’s a good book that’ll keep you going and going.

She likes urban lifestyle books and has been reading them for the past two years.

Her book? It’d be about her ups and her downs and what you can do to change and make life better. Her up was going to school to become an x-ray technician and moving from Newark to Detroit.

Lots of guys, not just women, are reading the urban books now, picking them up from their sisters…lots of people like them.

Another series that’s really good, (that she remarked on when someone else walked by with one)—Thug Matrimony and Thugs and the Women Who Love Them, by Wahida Clark. Also, an author named Vicky who came out of prison (couldn't find this).

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