Port Authority Bus Station, NY -- August 26 or 27, 2007

At Port Authority in New York in the middle of the night on the way to Hartford:

Reading Telecult Power: The Amazing New Way to Psychic and Occult Wonders, by Reese P. Dubin.

This book was given to him by a church priest, he would visit him after school. He brought it along with him on this trip because he just lost his MP3 player. He’s going out to help a friend in California.

His favorite book--The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene. It advises to focus on everything you do. Everything has an effect on everything.

His own book—it'd be about politics, government and God. Be more aware of everything that happens and has a role to play. Believe in God. He predicted that Giuliani—Giuliani will be president. He won’t vote for him, but Giuliani will be president.

What’s wonderful about NYC—you can always find something new--interests, people. It’s the capital of the world.

Another favorite book—Memnoch the Devil, by Anne Rice. It talks about why the devil is against God. It’s complicated. The devil says God is toying with us, knows we’re weak, to look but not touch, to taste, but don’t swallow, knows that we're on the brink of destruction, but does nothing. He's supposed to be the light. Why would God do this to us? The enlightened ones? The Illuminati control the world now and he doesn’t agree that they should be in power. The devil will reign for 1,000 years before God will come. The don’t hide who they are anymore. They are the brotherhood of the skull. Bush and his father were a part of the Illuminati and so were the Kennedys.

The wife of an oil tycoon, who was also a part of the brotherhood of the skulls, died when she learned a couple of their secrets. Was it an overdose? Suicide? Murder?

Marilyn Monroe got close with Kennedy and Einstein, too. She also died a mysterious death.

Has gone to Ecuador to coaco plantations, where his family members are exploited. Their exploiters buy a big box of coaco for $100 and then sell it for much more in Switzerland--it's not not fair.

Jesus, he said, was the first communitst. He heard that somewhere.

Morpheus—American Dream—we’re all asleep, people think they want to get rich, but want to understand true wealth. We are all drugged up.

His friend went to Iraq and returned a drug addict because they would give him shots to ease the pain when he got hit by a bullet. We’re all drugged up he said.

It’s a puppet democracy, both democrats and republican are ruled by the same people.

Capitalism is... a true capitalist wants nothing. Communism is a communion. Power corrupts everyone.

Saw interview with Castro and Barbara Walters—Cuba—free healthcare and and education…so why do people leave? It’s because the U.S. has control over the world economy. The president of Venezuala was against U.S. government, wanted to bring back the dream of the Bolivar empire, but then he was killed. He was murdered in his bed by the U.S. Illuminati.

I got so engrossed listening that I didn't start lining up for the Hartford bus until thirty-minutes before it departed. The line was enormous and when I made some sort of involanatry reaction about its length, one of the other passengers gave me a lecture on how it's done at Greyhound. I refrained from comparing notes with him on just how many bus trips he'd been on that summer.

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