Portsmouth, NH -- August 28, 2007

Reading Voices from Company D: Diaries by the Greensboro Guards, Fifth Alabama Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, edited by G. Ward Hubbs. He’s a High School history teacher.

He hasn’t read much for pleasure, just for work , but he likes what he reads for work.

He recommends any Civil War diaries.

His class on the Civil War is an elective for juniors and seniors. He has them do an infantry drill, read diaries, and play the games the troops played like yuker and 7-up--anything to do with gambling.

In class they also eat the foods the troops ate—what they hunted and hard tack which is corn biscuits like saltines without any salt.

He’s from here. What he likes about Portsmouth: the history and that a lot of the architecture is still in tact; it’s nice to see what a nineteenth century city looked like.

He is working on publishing a set of Civil War letters, some of which he got from relatives, others that he bought from museums. He writes commentary about them. Has been working on this project for seven years. Is he almost done? No. Not even a quarter of the way done.

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