Providence, RI --Starbucks-- August 27, 2007

Reading American Government, by Lowi, Ginsberg Shepsle.

The General Assembly right now is working on balancing the budget--they have to work on $300 million dollars in the hole over two years. Where will the money come from? Rhode Island is not quick to give up its standard of living. They like Medicaid and other benefits provided by the state. Living beyond its means.

He interned for the house majority leader and is studying psychology and political science. He hopes to be a representative on the state level and a therapist in the future.

Lately he’s read books by Stephen King; 1984, by George Orwell and Watership Down, by Richard Adams.

His favorite books of all time—it’s between the Harry Potter series and Stephen King’s book Talisman, for its base plot –a young kid has to take a trip to the West Coast from New Hampshire. It’s a growing up story and he was fourteen when he read it. The character was a twelve or thirteen-year-old kid. He’s never been south of Pennsylvania and still hasn’t been.

His own book? Oh wow. One second. It'd be about the corruption of Rhode Island state politics and, if it was fiction, time traveling. Teens come across a time machine and go to the American colonies and Medieval Europe...throw in the Stone Age also and 2100, if we’re not nuked by then.

He’s done NaNoWriMo in high school with a friend about kids with “elemental atunements” (earth, water, fire…) stopping an evil doer.

Local authors? Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft lived up on Benefit street, a short walk away and the place echoes with age. They give ghost tours.

He was born and raised in Providence and can’t imagine living anywhere other than New England. There's something about the character of the states. Rhode Island didn’t send delegates to the Concon, because it was rebelling against national government...but then decided to join anyway because they were going to be taxed as a foreign nation and wanted representation. He loves the independent spirit, the live and let live feeling of it. It’s okay to hold hands with his boyfriend here.

The academic institutions nearby contribute a lot to the liberalness. The mayor is openly gay. The leader of the Democratic party is gay.

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