Savannah, GA -- August 19, 2007

I actually saw this reader earlier in the day when I was on the trolley, reading in one of Savannah's numerous squares and felt conflicted about staying on the trolley for the rest of the tour and jumping off to see what he was reading. I was happy to catch up with him later.

He got this book--The Unholy Smile, by Gregory Douglas, in town at Book Lady, a store at Liberty and Bull, for 50 cents. It’s mind candy, he said. His favorite books—the LOR trilogy. What he reads? A little bit of everything. He loves historic novels, though hasn’t read anything on Savannah…he’s in Savannah…why should he read about it?

His own book? He never really thought about it…it’d be fiction, along the lines of Irish mythology, honor and personal sacrifice (not human sacrifice). He loves telling stories and jokes, and says that's the irish coming out of him. He stays away from downtown on St. Patricks day, though.

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