Tysons Corner, VA -- August 24, 2007

Reading Organic Body Care Recipes, by Stephanie Tourles. Her favorite book of all time--The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan. She can relate to it as an Asian American. It’s about the struggles these women have gone through in raising a family and as mothers, finding out who they were and their self-worth. She’s even met the author.

She majored in Asian Studies as an undergraduate.

A Korean book she recommends: Clay Walls, by Ronyoung Kim, who is a second generation Korean. There are three stories in the book, one of which tells about a woman who escapes from the Japanese occupation and moves to California, coping with life without knowing English and trying to raise her children.

Her own book—it’d be her life story. What her parents have taught her. A lot of Korean Americans don’t know how to speak Korean, and they’re losing touch with their traditions. Parents work all day so there's not as much family gathering time and there’s a focus more on --you must learn English!--and not so much on learning Korean. She would write about her generation. She feels lucky that she went to Korean language school.

Lately she read Beauty of Life, a fiction book by Kang Te He. It’s set in Korea and is about a career woman who goes through pressure from male coworkers and takes a step backwards and thinks about what is really important.

She is reading this book because she plans to start her own business making soaps.

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