Willmington, DE -- August 25, 2007

Manning a not-so-busy shop on a Sunday afternoon and reading Riding Dirty on I-95, by Nikki Turner.

Her favorite book of all time--Black Girl Lost, by Donald Goines, and Raymond Friday Locke. It's about a girl living in the ghetto who goes from shoplifting to pushing drugs so she can eat. She just likes it. You can relate to it.

Her own book—it’d be an urban book about stuff in life that people endure, probably struggling teens, single mothers, stuff like that.

What she likes about Wilmington—it’s tax-free, not too many earthquakes, hurricanes, one of the safest states.

Has reading helped her come closer to other people? Yes, when she reads a book she passes it on to her friends, her sister, her mom.

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